Architecture & Design in the center of 100% Hotel Show 2022   |  Dafni Antonakou

Architecture & Design in the center of 100% Hotel Show 2022

100% Hotel Show 2022 focuses on Architecture, Design & Art, by creating a wide range of ideas and proposals for creating unique hospitality spaces.

Since its first event, 100% Hotel Show has highlighted how important role Architecture and Design play in hospitality industry. These two absolute structural "materials" of a hotel, on the one hand, create spaces that attract with their aesthetics and functionality, and on the other, shape the hotels' unique identity, an identity that is a success factor.

100% Hotel Show for another year, lights up the way to Architecture and Design, including Art in its content, with the aim of "meeting" Hoteliers, Villa Owners and Tourism Professionals, with a wide range of ideas and proposals for creating unique hosting spaces.

What you will see at 100% Hotel Show 2022:

Architects being such an important part of the Exhibition 

A distinct and privileged "Architect Zone" is created, where architectural offices can choose their booth, or get inspired and implement an architectural installation. So, architects get their own space to participate in 100% Hotel Show, communicating with thousands of Hoteliers and Villa Owners.

Architect Zone is located in the first part of the exhibition space, in the section of “Architecture-Build-Materials”.

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“Out of the Box" architectural proposals for hotels that want to stand out!

100% Hotel Show 2022 has already announced the Out of the Box... in Box” Design Competition, which brings out the ability of architects to design the "unexpected".  The contest's goal is to gather, evaluate and  present architectural proposals characterized by the unexpected, unconventional and innovative. Elements that contribute to the formation of hotels with unique characteristics.

On the other hand, hoteliers who want to stand out and amaze the visitors, will get in touch with the competition proposals and be inspired to create their own amazing results, which will play such an important role to their unique "storytelling.

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"Art & Design Gallery": Hotel meets Art & Design

 100% Hotel Show 2022 will host for the first time one "Art & Design Gallery", with Art Proposals & Design for Hotels, but also for luxury accommodation and villas. Through the exhibits of the "Art & Design Gallery", the visitors of the Exhibition, will have the opportunity to "imagine" their own units being leveled up both in aesthetics and and in the ratings they will receive from their guests.

Architectural design in practice

For another year, 100% Hotel Show includes architectural proposals for specific hotel spaces (Reception, Lobby, Bathroom), in which selected architectsin collaboration with material and product companies, present complete spaces, with all the new trends both in terms of the image and operation of these spaces.

Through these proposals, the visitors of the Exhibition can get inspired, both for making unique and futuristic spaces and for the use of innovative materials and products.


Celebration of the Greek Hotel Architecture

The institution of the 100% Hotel Design Awards is happening again this year, with more participations than ever before and an even more upgraded level.

The big celebration of Greek hotel architecture, through which are highlighted both the most inspiring hotels and the talented architects who designed them, will once again take place in the Exhibition, both with hosting of the finalists of the Competition, and with the glamorous Award Ceremony of the 100% Hotel Design Awards, that will mark the Vip Opening of the Exhibition.

Strong presence of architecture in the workshops of the exhibition

Workshops are undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of the exhibition, becoming the most promising educational event in the hotel market.

An entire theme of this year's workshops, entitled "Hotel Architecture Summit", is dedicated to trends and new data, as well as companies and materials, related to the architecture, design and renovation/construction of hotels.

Registrations for 100% Hotel Show 2022 are open! 

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